Auto Accident

With millions of auto accidents every year, we understand the importance of saturation advertising. With our unprecedented targeting tools, and our low cost ad delivery, we are able to achieve local saturation for a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms like outdoor advertising, radio, and broadcast TV advertising.

Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents occur on a daily basis and we have been able to connect with claimants who have endured catastrophic injuries due to the carelessness of large truck operators.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle related collisions usually involve substantial injuries and we have been successful in putting our firm in front of those affected by motorcycle accidents consistently.

Maritime Law

Injuries that occur in international waters are held to a different standard, and we have had great success with serious damage cases falling under maritime law.

Oil Rig Injuries

As a result of a three year commitment to oil riggers, we have anchored ourselves with energy workers worldwide through our trusted platform of 40k individuals, and we are able to disseminate information and call to action messages cost effectively.


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